Leandro Burnes

MIT Media Lab E-Development Team
Project Manager
31 Speridakis Terrace Apt. 2
Cambridge, MA 02139
tel: +1 917 734 9183
Email: mommy@mit.edu

I would like to raise the international living and education standards through the deployment of telecommunications and low cost technologies in developing regions.
Currently I am an MBA Student at the Sloan School of Management of the Massachussets Institute of Technology.
I work with the E-Development Group at MIT's Media Laboratory, helping to deploy wireless networks in developing countries.
In the past, I was the Program Manager within Lucent Technologies's Wireless Internet Access Unit.
I was responsible for deploying wireless networks in Argentina, Venezuela, Brazil, Mexico and China.
Prior to the Wireless Internet Access Unit, I was the Program Manager for the deployment of SAP systems in Europe to be used by Lucent's sales teams and factories.


Brief History

I was born in New York City on April 1, 1976.
I moved to Rosario, Argentina, when I was six months old.
I returned to New York to attend high school at the Bronx High School of Science.
After high school I attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
I recieved an undergraduate degree in Management of Technology (IT Management/ Minor:Japanese).


I have been blessed with the ability to have seen most of the world. I have lived in and visited: Argentina (10 years), Japan (2 years), Germany (6 months), Kenya, Tanzania, Somalia, Ethiopia, Australia, New Zealand, France, England, Belgium, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Holland, Austria, Brazil, Venezuela, Paraguay, Uruguay, Aruba, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Bahamas, the Dominican Republic, Trinidad, Canada, Mexico, Tahiti, and China.


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